Enriched White flour, Do you have a Gluten intolerance or a Chemical intolerance?

Here is a collection of Articles I have put together, different sources and different/authors.  Unfortunately pretty much the same outcome at the end of the article.  I will continue to add articles as I find interesting information. 

Just think about this: The FDA allows the flour industry to treat products with chemicals, but they don't have to disclose/label the product.  

1) So you get the (unlabelled) chemicals from the grain. 
2) This is turned it to flour with unlabelled chemical processing 
3) The end product you purchase from the food industry is allowed to veil what they add with fancy marketing words. 

I have long said "Enriched" is just a fancy word to make you feel good about them striping the nutrients with chemicals and adding more to have some false since of nutrition.   Because would you buy your flour and make your family cookies if it was labeled "chemically, grown, cleaned and enhanced"    




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