"Natural Fiber" What is it really?

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I've been doing some reading... scary I know. Did you know the FDA allows the food industry to put in up to 4% filler in your food without disclosing it. To put that in perspective, If a recipe calls for 1 Cup of flour I'm allowed to put in a little less than 1 tablespoon of filler.

FILLER: most popular wood pulp, cheap and they are allowed to put on the package "LOW CARBS & HIGH FIBER" Because they have replaced "food" to achieve this. The word "Food" in a processed item is a whole other discussion.

They only investigate when a complaint if filed (busy and all). They have found up to 10% (over 2T per cup) in various food products without being listed. Which is the key word. If it is listed as "Cellulose" or "Natural Fiber" as an ingredient they can put as much of this indigestible fiber in the food product as they want.... UGG Gross!! Because hey think about it, a tree is a plant!! and who doesn't like chewing on twigs on an occasion?

Health effects, well that's debatable on who you believe. First it has been determined that your body can't do anything with it so it just passes. But my inquiring mind is where is it harvested? China with all of it's air pollution? So we are eating the plant that cleaned their air.... mmmm. How is the "natural fiber" harvested and under what conditions. When the wood industry has found another outlet for their sawdust, how is this a bad thing? Right???

Did you know this? Go to your cupboard now and read, I know several of us have fell for this advertising, low ball gimmick! And felt good about it... Uggh.

Government standards at it's best.... hence that is why I milled my own flour for my family and now yours.  

PS: like I have always said, when following grandma's recipes. NO WHERE does it list an ingredient 1/2 c of chemicals as needed for flavor.

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